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It seems like just a small step from formulating the beverage to creating the finished product. But what’s the right way to start developing a brand?

We are happy to help: From the first strategic decisions to finding a name and a design, all the way up through marketing your new product.

Our services are divided into 3 areas:

We work with you to lay the foundations and the roadmap for your brand. How do you want your product / brand to be positioned in the competitive environment?
What are the opportunities and risks for your product / brand? What is the target group we will be addressing? Which product / brand strategies will we be using?

Starting with the results from the strategy phase, we move to creation, working with you to develop the creative visual part:
What will the product / brand be called? Will you be making a claim? What will the logo look like? What corporate design can be developed from it?
And last but not least, what will the product packaging / outside packaging look like?

A really good product sells itself, you say? To be completely honest, that can happen sometimes. But if you want to play it safe, we can develop accompanying marketing measures for you:
It starts with designing a communication plan, developing a campaign and then implementing sales-promoting measures in food retail stores, the food service industry and online channels.

We want you to be successful